Online Therapy and Fitness Degrees

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If you one of them who enjoy staying fit and healthy, then a certification in therapy and fitness is perfect for you. With the hectic lifestyle, people these days are more and more growing concern about their health. They have started focusing on their long term health outlook and therefore therapist and fitness experts are continued to be in high demand.

People for some or the other reason if not able to pursue their certification course, then pursuing a degree program online is a perfect solution which will offer new career opportunities. Whether it is just about looking fit or considering a career ahead, the online therapy and fitness degrees is a great opportunity that serves the right purpose ahead. To head start in this career usually, an individual should be having a Bachelor’s degree. However; there are further higher online certifications are also available such as Master’s and PH.D.

Course work Info :

Online therapy and fitness degrees are generally professional educational degree programs that are designed to prepare candidates as fitness or therapy experts. The candidates are trained to manage and design fitness programs that will incorporate client’s health, goals and abilities. The online degree program involves motivational strategies and assessment technique. The online Bachelor’s therapy and fitness curriculum which is usually 2-3 years covers the science of various exercises which include basic physiology and anatomy, strength, conditioning and risk factors. Nutrition, business and leadership topics might also include. Common courses are as follows:

  • Human anatomy and Physiology
  • Integrated movement training
  • Exercise for special population
  • Fitness assessment
  • Fundamental of human performances
  • Fitness and wellness: self management and behavior
  • Nutrition application
  • Life time fitness and wellness
  • Weight lifting techniques
  • Injury prevention
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Spiritual healing

For Master and Doctorate online certification, it can take 3 furthermore years for the completion since it is a specialization degree and focuses on the specialized subject you have chosen.

Career prospects :

Professionals of online therapy and fitness degree programs can potentially find the employment at Gyms, spas, wellness institutions, Spiritual resorts, schools, hotels or can become a personal fitness expert for the clients. The job roles usually are fitness experts, wellness instructor, personal trainers and the job responsibilities involves of designing exercise and nutritional programs. The professional at a mid-career level earns anything from $25000-$34000 pa whereas a entry level graduate will earn $ 20000-$27000 pa. For those who have made a mark and are performing at senior level or they have their personalized clientele then the earnings offered are obviously at par compared to that of serving at some health club or spa. Statistics are showing constant rise in employing therapy and fitness professionals so indeed it is a lucrative career to pursue.

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