Online Six Sigma Degrees

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Six Sigma is the system that helps management to understand the customer requirements so that they align those requirements to the production practices and other company policies. It is a business improvement practice that will deliver high performances to the end consumers. Six Sigma is been widely accepted as a primary component of TQM-Total Quality Management initiatives. The professionals of Six Sigma are consistently in demand in the companies of all sizes. By employing Six Sigma professionals, the consumer services will be enhanced, reduction in the overall cost and employee productivity is observed.

Online Six Sigma degrees are available for the working professionals or for those who did not have the convenience to pursue the degree. Regardless, of being employed in the relevant field, Six Sigma’s online certification will obviously enhance the value and will further advance your career or open newest career prospects. These online courses are offered in various configurations. Some are self directed interactive courses; some offer Internet based programs whereas some offer just the course materials and mail out reading materials and conduct online tests. Six Sigma training courses usually do not require hi-end software or hardware but a PC with audio visual support and quality Internet connectivity.

Common online Six Sigma programs :

There are courses designed at each level of Six Sigma degree programs which usually involves basic training and a test preparation guide. Other degree level reviews the bodies of the knowledge covered by specialized subjects within the Six Sigma hierarchy such as Bio-medical auditor, Quality inspector, Quality expert, Calibration technician.

Six Sigma Yellow belt online Training :

Yellow belt means basic knowledge/training of Six Sigma practices. The initial part of this training incorporates the basics of White belt training and then continues on how to develop process maps and small projects on improvement projects.

Six Sigma Green belt online Training :

With this level of training, professionals are trained for DMAIC i.e. define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Professionals are prepared for small scale projects on problem solving and other improvisation. Collective data and conducting analysis is larger portion of this level of training.

Master’s Six Sigma black belt online programs :

Black belt training serves as the project leader of the Six Sigma trainings. Black belt professionals can qualify as project managers in order to supervise various projects and are significant role playing in organization’s product strategy decisions. It usually takes 3 years for completion.

Career prospects :

The job roles usually includes manager, directors, engineers at various levels in the organization. Depending on the degree certification and experience the medial wages range from $80000- $1,10,000 and for highest positioning the package is quite lucrative. However; the entry level graduate is still earning $55000-$69000 pa.

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