Online Retail Management Degrees

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Retail Management DegreesOnline degrees are very useful for the people who are not able to attend a regular school, working professionals, disabled people, housewives, etc. For many government jobs where a bachelors degree or master degree is compulsory for promotions, people can pursue such degrees for this purpose.

Retail management is to be understood as a seller selling goods in small quantities, or it can be said that procured from a wholesale dealer and sold in retail or small quantities. Also, it can be said that the retail sale process is the last one in that chain of goods production to reaching them in the hand of a consumer.

As we know, selling goods to a consumer is not an easy task, it requires lot of skills and efficiency. First of all the consumer should be satisfied with the goods you are offering, then you have to convince them with regard to the price, etc.

Online course in Retail Management is also carrying the same weight as other degree programs with flexible options. A Retail Manager is entrusted with the duties such as managing the staff, interaction with vendors and designers and strategic planning of the organization. After a successful completion of the degree program, one can find a job in sectors such as clothing, food, electronics, wholesale, electronics, wireless communication, etc.

There are a number of courses available online for aspiring students such as Bachelors of Business Administration in Retail Management, Bachelor of Science in Retail Management, Bachelor of Science in Business/Retail Management, Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Retail management. The credit hours will be 180 credit hours, 120 credit hours, etc. for these programs. Some of the universities have set rules such as age should be above 24 years, applicants should be high school graduate with age 18+, etc. If the student is below that age, then he should 90+ quarter credit or 60+ semester credit with associate degree.

Some of the universities offering such courses are Strayer University Online, Capella University, University of Phoenix Online, Indian Retail School, Birla Institute of Management Technology, Delhi, The Retail Academy Ahmedabad and Art Institute Online. Their curriculum is well planned to cater to the demand of the retail sector and most of them covered are :

1. Supply Chain Management
2. Retail operations
3. Marketing
4. Strategic Management
5. Inventory management
6. Merchandising and personnel management unique to the retail sector
7. Supply Management
8. Store Operations
9. Pricing
10. Merchandising
11. Business ethics
12. Psychology of retail shoppers
13. Competitive Analysis and Planning
14. Retail Management
15. Human resources
16. organizational communications
17. Finance
18. Product and brand management
19. Branding
20. Advertising

India is one of the major destination for retail business and job opportunities will rapidly increase in the coming years. An MBA degree is retail management can take you to excellent careers in Supply chain, store management, mall management, etc.
Retail Management Degrees Retail Management Degrees Retail Management Degrees
Salary survey found that a Retails Accounts Manager can get a salary of $28000 per annum, Retail Store manager $37000, District manager retail $ 93000, Store Manager $ 27000

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