Online Reading & Literacy Education Degrees

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Literacy and Reading tutors provide life-changing and significant services to the people of all generations. The tutors educated them to write and read. To become a tutor of literacy and reading, you must first go for the bachelor’s or master’s degree in reading, language, or in a similar field. Public/Government school tutors should be officially certified by the state in which they are located. Literacy and reading is however the most significant foundations of the great education.

With the evolution of distance learning or online educational degrees it has made easier to pursue an online reading & literacy education degree. What these online degree programs offer is the vast difference to that of studying in a traditional school or college. Today, numerous universities and colleges are offering online courses in the same discipline whether you want to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate. Now seeking a higher degree is feasible from the comforts of your own home. Generally, it takes about 3 years to complete Bachelor’s and furthermore 2-5 years to complete Master’s or PHD again depending upon the time you are giving.

Course work Info

  • Usually, the common subjects, skills and training that are offered are:
  • Teaching students with reading difficulties
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Curriculum assessment
  • Achievement gap improvement
  • Reading instruction theory based practices
  • Assessment based reading instructions

Skills learned from an online reading & literacy education degree are

  • Classroom communication skills
  • Literacy assessment skills
  • Skills needed to choose appropriate reading curriculum
  • Literacy program implementation
  • Skills require teaching reading for diverse backgrounds

Job accountabilities :

Reading and literacy teachers are expertise in revealing the prospective of the language; they break down problematical ideas and rules into easy to understand parts. The teachers have to deal with students who have years of difficulty learning, speaking and reading the language. Teaching reading and literacy has a huge requirement in most of the private as well as public schools. There are also adult literacy programs which cater to adults who lack language skills since; the employment area is wide, you may have to teach in adult educational programs, non-profit organizations, community centres.

Career possibilities :

Career opportunities for tutors in this field are high in demand and, expected to be good over next ten years. However; most of the job vacancies will be of substituting tutors who are retiring or leaving the field or shifting. There is expected to be quite job competitions in some neighborhood especially; in those districts and states that offers higher benefits and remunerations. The beginner level salary for such degree holder can range from $25000-$35000 per annum, and the median salary for with a higher degree certification can range from $45, 700- $60, 800 annually. Educational consultants with senior level experience and degree are offered salaries at par.

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