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The print design is an exciting career for those who are both artistic and business savvy. Projected career advancement in the print design is higher compared to other average degrees but, it is very competitive field. There are several emerging designers coming out of universities every day and, because of the same jobs are tough to find. The remuneration level for the print designers is on par compared to the other degree fields.

Print designers work hard and, they got to work with all the types of people from photographers to creative directors to CEOs of companies. Print designers must have strong suit in art, business as well as math. Print Designers skills and experience should not be limited with just only art and design concept but, also with the several software programs, computer aided design programs, advertising techniques and businesses. Print designers require adhering to strict work deadlines and working with multiple projects and publications and printers to attain the desired final product.

Print designers get to work in various varied industries, including real estate offices, advertising firms, real estate offices, specified design services and newspaper and magazine. Just for the sake of convenience, you should not overlook other key things which are necessary while enrolling in an online program such as seeing whether it is accredited; the teaching methods and the materials are of advance technologies, the virtual lectures are matching the expertise skills, fees, time duration and much more. There are also many sponsorship and loans sponsored by the universities and colleges for enrolling in an online course. The facilities of sponsoring students to the deprived, intelligent and qualified students are another novel activity from these online print design degree programs this helps individuals which are economically weak giving them golden opportunity to move ahead in life.

The training and edification to become an entry-level print designer in any design firm is usually at least a bachelor’s degree. Occasionally, entry-level print designers might have an associate degree; however, experience will need to be filling in for the education. The Bachelor’s print design degree requires 4 years of completion & further3 years for Master’s. The more advanced degree is the more doors of opportunities will open for your career.

The average annual salary can range from $35000- 60000. For master and those with advanced level degree is obvious to get more remuneration which starts from $85000 which again depends on level of experience. Freelancers and self-employed with contract work earns around $65000. The top 5 occupations according to a reputed survey were stating that 40% of all work as print design designers. In first place it was specialized design services, which were paid an average package of $50,000 per year. Right behind that were newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers; print design designers worked in this field earns yearly salary of $40,000. Next were advertising, public relations, and other related services with $24,000-48000. After that were activities related to printing and support, for which designers were paid $38,000 a year. Rounding out of the top 5 were computer systems designers and related services, which were paid an average annual salary of $55,000.

Surfing on the internet will give you endless list of online print design degree programs. Check out their website for more detailing and this way you get to compare other online course curriculum with other universities.

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