Online Network Administration Degree

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The network administrator often referred as network or system engineer and is considered to be a backbone of any organization having a computer set-up. Network administrators are primarily the system equivalent of network administrator as they take care of software and hardware that comprises the entire computer network. Usually the job responsibilities of the network administrator include installing, deploying, monitoring and maintaining the network equipment, implementation of security systems, assigning network addresses etc.

Disaster recovery and security are now fundamentals components of the network administration and there are many online network administration degree programs available. Studying online degrees has its own level of benefits and convenience. The students do not have to travel or relocated to other location for the sake of getting a degree. With the advancement, these online degree courses have made possible to earn the degree in today’s hectic life. The primary requisite to get good job openings is Bachelor’s degree and then further the candidate can opt for Masters. However; there are tailored made programs available which can be chosen according to the desired requirements.

Degree information and requirements :

Most of the course work uses variety of online educational methods and because of this it become mandatory that enrollees are familiar of using computer and Internet. The faculty interaction and learning materials are all done online via discussion boards, live chats etc. The students are provided online library access, study guides, e-modules and virtual lab and tutorials.

Online network administration degrees in Bachelor’s are open for beginner level seeking to finish their initial stage for getting a job in the relevant field. The Bachelor’s program takes 2 years to complete. Many online institutes also include preparing students for certification exams such as Microsoft, A+, Cisco etc. For pursuing Master’s it usually takes 3 more years for the completion depending on the speed and the specialization topic chosen. Some common key components of this degree course are:

• Authentication methods
• Network essentials
• Computer support
• Windows network infrastructure
• Wireless network administration
• Server administration
• Network operating system
• Voice/VOIP administration
• Design graphics and fundamentals
• Conflict and resolution management
• Internet concepts
• Technical communications
• Team building

Skills Obtained :

Students learning online network administrator degree program successfully learns the challenging concepts of networking field such as:

• Problem resolution skill
• Analytical skills
• Managerial skills
• Creative troubleshooting skills

Possible career opportunities :

Career opportunities for the graduates with online network administrator degree are almost similar to that of diploma holders although; there are many organizations who has pre-requisite of having only Bachelor’s. For entry level candidates the pay packages ranges anything from $ 23000-$37000 per annum whereas for the median level candidate the remuneration is offered from $ 55000-$79000 annually. Professionals with great level of experience and higher degree certification are offered anything from $89000-$1, 20, 000 per annum. The job title usually involves like Network administrator, Network engineer, Security administrator, Infrastructure manager, Project manager, Database administrator.

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