Online Marketing Degree

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The field of marketing offers limitless career opportunities to the individuals who want both business as well as creative challenges. Marketing field refers to the various strategies that companies use them to retain and attract customers. The field comprises of publicity, media, communications and advertising. To sustain in this cut throat competition, companies are hiring marketing professionals at all the levels. The job of the marketing professional is to find out what their market requirements and make their products or services as visible and marketable as far as possible. Marketing people make this happen by researching the current market trends by creating tailored made messages to target the markets and, strategizing on these messages can broadcasted or placed so that they are conveyed to their intended audience.

Marketing degrees are universally found at all levels of schooling from specialized levels to doctorate. Marketing is typically a nine to five job or more than that and, it happens that the professionals are not able to make out their time for further studying. These days, online marketing degrees are available; where an individual can pursue his/her dream in marketing for better career prospectus.

Course work info

The online marketing degrees common course work for Bachelor’s or Master’s level is as follows:

  • Marketing practices
  • Learning fundamentals of economics
  • Organizational management
  • E-commerce
  • Consumer behavior
  • Service marketing
  • Research and planning
  • Promotional activities
  • Product development
  • Advertising
  • Retailing
  • Business fundamentals

For pursuing Bachelor’s in marketing online it usually takes, 2-3 years for the completion depending upon the pace of the individual and for Master’s and Doctorate another 3-5 years depending upon the specialized subject chosen. The online Doctorate degree in this field has another level of coursework which includes:

  • Principles of finances
  • Logistics strategies
  • Management theories
  • Business law
  • Statistical analysis
  • Market research and consumer behavior

To pursue online courses, the candidate requires a better quality of the Internet connection along with some specific hardware and software applications since; the online coursework includes submitting online assignments, project work and also virtually attending the classrooms. The candidates has a flexibility for discussing queries and concerns to its relevant tutor on live chat as well as discuss other matter with his/her peers on discussion boards.

Usual career path :

Career opportunities for individuals with online marketing degrees include the following: Assistant director, International sales manager, Corporate marketing manager, Web marketing analyst, Technology sales specialist, Marketing campaign analyst, Sales executive, Contract specialists, Interactive marketing specialists, Brand manager and the list is endless. The remuneration pay scale for entry level candidate ranges anything from $28000-$35000 pa and for mediocre level with experience is from $38000-$58000 pa and for senior level individuals with higher online marketing degrees the remuneration pay scale offered is at par.

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