Online Industrial Engineering Degrees

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While most of the engineering fields are apprehensive with specific systems or products processes, Industrial Engineering concentrates on organizing businesses, handling people, and optimizing the use of technology in ways which increases the efficiency in a wide range of workplace settings. Today’s organizations need to compete constantly in the global market, and industrial engineers assist them do just that by refining both quality and productivity.

An online education in Industrial engineering has got a momentum in the recent years. The online Industrial engineering degree programs are comprising of course work along with primary and advanced level skills and concepts. The online degree makes you eligible for various job opportunities which may not think of applying without having a degree. Industrial engineering degree courses available online offers latest study materials in accordance with industry requirements

Educational requisites :

The online Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering generally qualifies as the sufficient education in majority of the job prospectus. This however; takes 4 years to complete again depending upon the pace one is keeping. To pursue Master’s, Bachelor degree candidates can expect to complete this online degree program in 2-2.5 years.

Course work info :

Accessing the course work online requires the computer meeting the software and hardware requirements and high-end Internet power connection. Online discussions and real time conferences may necessitate of audio equipment as well as headset. Participants communicate with fellow members and instructors through discussion boards, emails, interactive Internet based applications and streaming videos online. The common degree course detail subjects are:

  • Computer stimulation
  • Human factor engineering
  • Control production systems
  • Automation and control
  • Linear algebra
  • Planning and design
  • Methods and work measurements
  • Production control
  • Industrial cost control
  • Operation research
  • Manufacturing process
  • Engineering economy
  • Facility design
  • Quality control
  • Stimulation
  • Robotics and automation

Job opportunities :

Today, with the growing requirements of Industrial engineer, there are mind boggling job opportunities in this field. Gone are the days when an Industrial engineer has a limitation in working in specific fields. Now, they are found almost anywhere such as Banking, Logistics, Forestry, Manufacturing, Navigational, Aerospace manufacturing, Automobile manufacturing, IT, Government etc. The fact is that, the career opportunities are nearly boundless for Industrial engineers hence; they are offered vast working criteria such as Implementation engineer, Research manager, Industrial engineer, Operation managers, System engineering, Management engineers etc.

The remuneration of an average median career level engineer is $50000-$74000 per annum whereas entry level salaries are found to be extremely competitive i.e. $40000-$58000 per annum. Candidates with higher level of qualification and work experience are paid generously. Their salaries are ranging anything from $ 89000-$120,000 per annum. For a qualified Industrial engineer entering a global job market is simpler since; there are ample of career opportunities awaiting.

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