Online Home Inspector Degrees

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Not many are aware of the Home Inspector‘s role, they have a lot more than just inspect the residential properties. The home inspectors are often called Building and Construction Inspectors as they will have to inspect the bridges, commercial buildings, highways and many other structures. There are lots of inspectors who specialize in any of the following areas. By catering to many areas one can become versatile and grow big. The buildings inspectors generally inspect the homes to check whether there is any repair or damage is there. They have to check the structural, pipes, plumbing and electrical damages. Most of them will get out of the contracts if they think it will take time or money to fix.

The major role of the home inspector is to make sure that the buildings are safe. For this they will have to check for all the possible fire hazards, any other areas which will lead to problems. The inspector should also check whether the building is up to the mark, checking whether they pass the city code for all the structural and wiring aspect. After completing the inspection the home inspector will have to give a report of the analysis made on the property and the cost if anything has to be fixed.

The role of the building or home inspector is to work in areas like home constructions, home, fire, mechanical, public works and plumbing inspections. Each area has their own set of rules and regulations. Mostly the home inspectors will work in a particular area. By combining different areas one can easily get experience level in different areas. There are inspectors who work for the federal and local government agencies.

When it comes to doing online Home Inspector Degrees there are different levels which includes

  • Certification course which takes up to 1 year to complete
  • Associate degree which takes 2 years
  • Bachelor’s Degree which takes 4 years to complete
  • Master’s Degree around 2 years to complete

The colleges that provide online Home Inspector Degrees are Penn Foster Career School and Ashworth College. The career specialization for the same includes the Home Inspector who in general focuses only on home inspections. One specializes in new home inspections where the inspector will inspect on the home construction whether it meets the codes. The plumbing inspection specialists will examine the plumbing work that is done in the residential or even commercial buildings and find any damage if any and the cause of it. Fire inspectors will take care of the building structure and ensure it is constructed following the safety code.

The salary structure for the home inspectors depends on the experience of the inspectors which will be around $50180. People who work for federal government will be around $61120 per annum. The accurate structure is difficult to calculate. The career opportunities are more in this field as there is a constant increase in the field. Gone are the days where home inspections where not preferred, but now there has been an increase in the demand for inspecting the homes prior to the sales.

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