Online Gerontology Degrees

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Individuals who specialize in gerontology will work in different sectors of careers that will focus on the elderly population. For example, when you nurse with Gerontological counseling with specializing in gerontology will help you to prepare the students who will work with the aging population. People who already have a specialization in the social work can have an additional specialization as gerontological workers. The elderly population wills sure need counselors, workers, nurses and many other professionals who will be able to help them in difficult situations. The ones who are willing to work with the elderly will be compassionate ones who are ready to help the elders.

The term Gerontology is a different approach which has multidisciplinary specializations. Years ago, there where lot of programs that helped in emphasizing the study and how to work with the elderly. And if you have already into social service and looking forward to enhance your skills in a particular area, online Gerontology Degrees will be an ideal choice. You will come across various universities that offer you advanced program in the particular area. The work Gerontology has come from the economics, social sciences and management which will care a good degree for the individuals who are willing to concentrate on improving the life of the elderly people.

Few of the accredited universities that offer the online Gerontology Degrees are University of Phoenix – Healthcare, Capella University, Ashford University, Lasell College etc.

There are different types of career specializations in the field of gerontology which includes the industrial gerontology, gerontological counseling, gerontological social work, gerontological nursing and gerontological occupational therapy. The degree levels that are available for the course are associate degrees which takes up to 2 years to complete, bachelor degree which takes 4 years to complete and Master Degree around 4 years to complete.

The salary for the degree will vary from the work you take with the elderly which depend on the area in which they work. For example, the geriatric nurses who hold a bachelor degree will make an average of $$57060 per annum. The individuals who have gerontology focus will get $41080.

Because of the aging population, careers opportunities that focus on gerontology are expected to be excellent for several years. Many students that specialize in gerontology have an easier time finding work than those that do not specialize, simply because the need for trained professionals who know how to help and care for the elderly is in such demand. In fact, gerontological social work is expected to see a 22 percent increase in job through the year 2018, while those who specialize in school social work are only expected to see a 12 percent increase in job growth during the same time frame.

When it comes to the aging population, there are career opportunities that will focus on the gerontology will flourish for years. Individuals who hold a specialization in gerontology will be able to find jobs easily when compared to others. There will be a 22% increase in the job in the next few years and those who specialize in the area will witness 12 % increase in the job growth.

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