Online Economics Degrees

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Online degree programs are not new in the present world scenario. It all started in the last part of 1990s and it has gained momentum recently. Online courses are plenty in all subjects whether it is simply academic interest or professional degrees.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in India is the largest such open universities offering distance education in various disciplines with a staggering 1.5 million students studying. It has got around 48 Regional Centres and 1030 Study centres. Sikkim Manipal Univeristy in India claimed that it is the No.1 University in this category with regard to result and efficiency.

Some of other major players internationally in this sector with the Bachelors degree programmes are Ashford University with their main Economics related degree such as Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. Utica college with Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation, Liberty University with Bachelor of Science in Business-Economics Specialization. The curriculum mainly focused on Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation is newer with internet crime or cyber crime and investigations, Computer Organization and Programming, Forensic accounting and fraud auditing, etc. Other subjects covered in Economic degree programs are Principles of Macroeconomics, Money and the financial system, political economy and public policy, strategic planning and business policy, Modern political and economic ideas, Financial Institutions and markets, equity market, portfolio management, principles of macroeconomics, statistics for managers, etc.

Also there are universities offering Masters programs and you can be eligible for those programs only if you have basic bachelors degrees or similar certificates. The Masters programs are offered by colleges such as Utica College with program such as Executive Master of Science in Economic Crime Management. This is a comparatively newer program with curriculum concentrated on fraud investigation and management, the manager in a global environment to study the world as one market, Information and Communication Security with regard to ecommerce related transactions and its security, legality with regard to fraud and corporate liability, etc.

Since economics is a very important and fundamental subject, people with good analytical skill only can succeed in this field. Once you have a qualification in hand, you can work as an Economical Analysts in Government sector and private sector, Accountant, Data Analyst, Stock Broker, Auditors, Economist, and many more.

Salary of fresh Chartered Accountants depends on the attempts they made to complete it and it can start from Rs.5 Lakhs in India and a Rank holder can fetch Rs.20 Lakhs or more. Depends on industry they work, the salary level for Accountants and Auditors can be different from $30,000 or more annually.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course may take more than 150 semester hours or more. There are 5 years programs which combine Bachelors and Masters Programs which will add up 150 semester hours as required legally. A Bachelor degree program in India require 3 years to complete and 2 years for Master degrees, but there are short duration courses or can appear for exams as you desired.

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