Online E-Business Degrees

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Information Technology changed the face of education world wide and all the barriers for studying from anywhere in the world were removed it. Online or distance education proved to be very successful everywhere in the world and it has created a lot enthusiasm and opportunities.

E-Business or electronic business was a revolutionary step which made business over internet without the presence or existence of a business physically. You can transact business with few clicks and plastic cards (credit card or debit card). One of the major advantage of the ebusiness or ecommerce is that you can purchase anything from anywhere in the world. There are many such ebusiness sites exists in the world today such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cnet,,,,,,, etc. are some of the major e business websites.

Since ecommerce is rapidly growing, there is a huge demand for professionals in this field. As per statistics, the growth of this market is almost doubled every year. In the last six years the market grew form $51 billion to $1.6 trillion.

Since e-business has lot of potential, there are a lot of institutions in the world offering degrees, diplomas and certificate programs which are ultimately producing professionals who are capable of producing commercial applications and ecommerce business solutions which are in great demand among the ecommerce companies to match the competition in the market. Ecommerce is not restricted to one area and it has spread it wings to Retailing, manufacturing, educational institutions, Banks, Healthcare, Insurance, Government and various other sectors. Banking sector has almost completely gone to ebusiness way and only a limited number transactions required physical presence of people in the bank premises.

There are many institutions offering online ebusiness degrees such as Walden University, Jones International University, Ellis College, Warren National University, University of Phoenix, etc. They are offering various certificate programs, bachelors and masters programs such as BS of Business / E-Business, MBA/E-Business, MBA in Ecommerce, Bachelor Degree in e-Commerce, etc.

Once you have completed a degree programme in e-business, you can practice as E-Business Site Designer, E-Business Analyst, Web Merchandizer, Internet Business Strategist, Web Master, E-Business Solution Manager and Account Manager for particular major client. A Webmaster can get an initial salary of $30,000 and above per annum and after some years of experience it can be more than $50,000 per annum. In the US, an ebusiness Consultant Account Manager can get $80,000 and above per annum.

Like any other degree program, it requires a lot of hard work since you are the owner of your study time. You have to ensure that you are completing the assignments in time, attending contact classes and finding time to complete the program in time. If everything goes smoothly, Walden University graduate program can be completed within 2 years and McKinley ecommerce degree program can be completed in 16 months time.

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