Online Curriculum and Instruction Degrees

Curriculum and Instruction DegreesThe educational degree focusing in curriculum and instruction offers training for those individuals who are very much interested in in-the classroom aspects of education. These degree holders are knowledgeable in the latest pedagogical research findings. Armed with valuable education, they are capable to simultaneously meet federal and state standards and help increase the students’ performance with assuring that the curriculum remains latest and current in teaching.

With technology and distance learning playing an ever increasing role in today’s education, people these days are more and more turning towards this career field. As enrolment numbers are increasing and schools are held more accountable for their results, numerous schools are hiring Curriculum designers to manage and write their curricula.

Pursuing an online Curriculum and Instruction degree could be the best thing since; it gives you the time flexibility especially if you are already working or need to be home for the family. Their chief goals is to ensure that the federal and state standards are met to improve quality of education within the classroom and also ensuring online candidates that they are equipped with necessary tools to perform better in the school and beyond. The online education prepares to make sure that the curriculums are kept parallel with the new developments in teaching and education.

Degree info

Generally, this online degree is offered at graduate level with Master’s and Doctorate programs. While Bachelor’s degree might offer an entry level career opportunities which takes 3 years to complete, most of the schools will prefer candidates with Master’s or Doctorate degree since; the curriculum is the blue print which all the students study. It should be competitive offering students study challenges with sufficient knowledge and background. For pursuing Master’s it take 2 more years and further to do PH.D, 3-5 years at minimum.

Course Info

The course content, the materials and instructions are entirely provided online. It also includes power point presentations, video lectures, group projects, course interaction via live chats and message boards, reading assignments etc. Usually online Curriculum and Instruction degree subjects are common likewise

Curriculum design course

This subject focuses on both practise and theories which also include analysing and using of curriculum design methodologies. Topic involves several models and methods for approaching the process.

Instructional supervision course

This online subject provides instruction in social and institutional setting for instructional supervision. Topics involve practises, functions and common activities of supervision.
Issues in Curriculum courses
Curriculum and Instruction Degrees Curriculum and Instruction Degrees Curriculum and Instruction Degrees
Lessons involve in-depth study of current trends and issues during the designing of curriculum development.

Career opportunities

Entry level graduates of online Curriculum and Instruction degree are ready to take on the leadership roles within any school system or in similar learning institutes. Career opportunities include positions such as curriculum specialists, co-ordinators, instructional co-ordinators, academic dean, academic assistant, staff developer instructional coaches or director of instruction material. The job prospects are bright in every way since; the career field is unique and there will be always demand for curriculum designers whether it is for school or universities courses. The salaries offered are lucrative even for the entry level positions which ranges anything from $ 35000-$55000. The senior level positions are offered at par which could be ranging from $75000-$120000.

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