Online Computer Science Degree

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Technology is progressing at a speed and is almost too much to keep up with them. It seems that every other day there is the release of some more powerful version or other technology marvel. Professionals who work in such field requires to keep up with the advancements and with this they are offered world of opportunities along with lucrative salaries. One of such degree certification is Computer science which is another exciting field to work which also guarantees your future with comfortable retirement and financial stability.

With Computer science degree, the professionals are qualified to work in some of the top categories in various sectors. You might find working as a software developer, computer engineer, graphic designer or also run your own business enterprise. Of course, the kind of work you will pursue will be largely influenced by the specialization subject you chose while studying. Some possible specialties involve Information Technology, Computing, Computer security, Computer applications etc. It is possible that, at times professionals do not have enough time in their hand to pursue higher certification or do some specialized work because of no relevant degree. Well, for those who are left out without degree course can pursue their interest by taking online Computer Science degree. There are many online educational centers today, offering various degree courses whether one requires to do Bachelor’s-Master or just a Diploma. There are even customized online degree courses available if the person has only a specific perquisite to fulfill.

Course work Info :

Getting an online computer science degree involve technology as well as math classes amongst others. However; there is couple of things to understand while pursuing an online computer science degree. The first is whether you want to go for Bachelor’s or Associate degree. Normally it takes 4 years to complete Bachelor’s and 2 years for Associate degree. For Master’s it requires at least 2 years of online study. Doctorate in Computer science is the highest degree and prepares to work in high-end professional environment, the degree program usually takes 2-5 years which includes internship and lengthy dissertation. The common course work includes topics like:

• Computer Architecture
• Computer Graphics
• Computer Networks
• Software engineering
• Analysis of Algorithms
• Database Systems
• Computer operating systems
• Real time programming
• Programming languages and structures
• Computer hardware maintenance
• Artificial intelligence
• System modeling and Simulation

Career prospects :

The degree in Computer Science is projected to be one of the fastest advancing fields till date. The base study of the Computer Science will help prepare professionals to have great foundation for the further advancement. The job roles of this field are IT manager, Software engineer, Programmer analyst, IT Project manager, Sr. Developer/programmer, System engineer, IT Director and many more. The fresher’s pay package for the Bachelor’s would be ranging from $44000-$50000 and the professionals with more experience with the same degree level earns from $78000-$1, 20,000 pa. For the Master’s and Doctorate level the salaries offered are at par.

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